How to get a narcissist to divorce you

If you are divorcing a narcissist, or thinking of doing it, it's very important to understand what you are up against. These people are...

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I clearly remember the moment my marriage ended. I didn't realize it then, but when my therapist stopped me mid-sentence and told me that it wasn't OK for my husband to treat me that way, it marked the beginning of my chaotic tumble toward divorce. Unfortunately, our divorce was even more traumatic than the marriage itself. Narcissists, as I eventually learned, do not go quietly into the night; they use the legal system as yet another weapon in their arsenal of manipulation and fear.

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As the saying goes, the very traits that caused you to fall in love with a person are the same traits that caused you to fall out of love at the end of the relationship. Divorcing someone with narcissistic personality disorder or even narcissistic features can be a long, drawn-out and arduous affair no pun intended if you allow yourself to get sucked into their vortex. Here are 8 healthy and sane steps you can take to divorce on your terms, not theirs. Narcissists are notable for lacking empathy and accepting no responsibility - not even a little bit. Now imagine asking the person who is at the center of his or her own universe for a divorce.

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How to get a narcissist to divorce you

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Narcissists are so crazy-making that they make you doubt the truth. To get answers to all your questions about divorcing your narcissist ex. The fight may be economically based, or more likely what is...