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DESCRIPTION: Max Billib Claudia Bonomelli de P.

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environment interactions (ibempa)

Autores: Rojas,Claudio; Romero,Oriella; Barrientos,Leticia. vida; Tasa de crecimiento intrínseco; Tasa neta de reproducción; Raphanus sp.; del Test de California para Mastitis (CMT) a través de correlación y regresión, y un modelo logit. . Efectos tóxicos de los insecticidas clorpirifos y teflutrina sobre la lombriz de. 2 Joint Genome Institute, Dept. of Energy, Walnut Creek, California, USA. a cabo utilizando el medio de cultivo YMA convencional con 25mg/l de rojo congo. .. Las lombrices se calcularon tomando muestras de suelo de 0,5 m2 y 40 cm de En este sentido la reproducción asexual es promisoria, sin embargo, los. REPRODUCCIÓN SEXUAL Y ASEXUAL EN ANIMALES; FECUNDACIÓN INTERNA Y EXTERNA. Introducción El reino animal es tan diverso.


Max Billib Claudia Bonomelli de P. Johannes de Bruijn Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual de Prado A. Viticulture, Australia John S. The Chilean Journal of Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual Research is indexed in: It is included mailing expenses. The Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 2! The sections are Research Articles, 4. Contributions must be sent in Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual to the Instructions to Authors, which are published every year in issue number 1 of each volume.

They will be published after acceptance of specialized editor and reviewers, in the peer review process. Total or partial reproduction of the material published in the Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research is authorized only if the author s and source are mentioned. Articles represent the opinion Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual the author s. Trademarks mentioned do not constitute a recommendation by INIA. These compounds vary in their composition and concentration, among cultivars and fruit tissues.

In this research, the total phenolic content Folin-Ciocalteau assayantioxidant capacity Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power, FRAP assay and mineral composition in three fruit tissues peel, pulp and whole fruitof Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual cultivars commonly used for dried apple production in Chile, were studied. In addition, the physical-chemical characteristics dry weight, pH, titratable acidity, soluble solids content and color were also evaluated.

The results indicated that the total phenolic content, the antioxidant capacity, and the mineral composition, of peel were substantially higher than those of whole fruit, and pulp for all the cultivars studied. Additionally, a high correlation between total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity was found in all the cultivars and fruit tissues analyzed, except in the apple pulp. On the other hand, the physical Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual chemical composition differed among cultivars and fruit tissues.

In conclusion, our results demonstrated that the total phenolic content, antioxidant capacity, mineral composition, and physical and chemical characteristics vary considerably depending on the apple cultivars and fruit tissues analyzed. It has been hypothesized 1. In addition to vitamins C and E and carotenoids, the bioactive non-nutrient phytochemicals such as phenolic compounds, are supposed to play an important role in the prevention of major chronic diseases Arts and Hollman, ; Scalbert et al.

In effect, phenolic compounds are major antioxidants of our diet Scalbert et al. On the other hand, main minerals and essential trace elements are very important in biological processes, and play Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual vital role in normal growth and development and have also been involved in the prevention of some chronic diseases Gorinstein et al.

C, which explains only 0. In Chile, apples are one of the most important fruits. Recently, commercial apple production has reached 1. In apples, as well as in other fruits, the phenolic content vary among different cultivars, within different tissues of the fruit, growing conditions, cultural practices, ripeness during harvest, post-harvest storage conditions, and processing Imeh and Khokhar, ; Boyer and Liu, Several researches reported that apple peel may contain more antioxidants and antioxidant capacity than the pulp fraction or the whole fruit Wolfe et al.

In this Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual, a recent study has shown an association between some of these characteristics and the total phenolic content and the antioxidant capacity. This information would be important for the consumer, as they could recognize, for example, a more nutritional apple by its characteristics such as peel color Drogoudi et al.

No comprehensive data have been reported on the physical-chemical composition, total phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and mineral Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual of different apple cultivars, commonly used in Chile for the production of dried apples.

Since Chile is an important exporter of dried apple, it is necessary to study the composition of the raw material, to ensure product quality, and to assess the potential use of secondary products such as apple peel. Therefore, the objectives of this research were: The average air temperature ranged between 7. The fruits used in the evaluations were picked randomly; then, placed in polyethylene bags and transported in ice to the Nutrition and Food Technology Institute.

Samples were then selected to eliminate damaged and poor quality units to obtain uniformity. Fruits were washed in water with chlorine 0.

Fruit tissues evaluated The fruit tissues prepared from the apples were: Peel and pulp were obtained from 10 randomly selected apples. Each apple was divided into two sections along the vertical axis. One part of the fruit was carefully peeled with a stainless steel vegetable peeler to obtain the peel without pulp.

The pulp was obtained from one section, and this was cut into small pieces, excluding the core and the seed. The whole fruit was obtained from four randomly selected apples. Each apple was divided into four sections along the vertical axis, and the core and seeds were removed. To prepare the extract, samples were cut into small pieces and mixed, to make a homogeneous pool. Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual each cultivar, 10 apples were randomly taken to determine whole fruit weight.

Fractional weight peel and pulp was also determined. The core weight was calculated by the difference. Physical-chemical characteristics Dry weight. It was determined gravimetrically based on.

It was measured from apple peel and pulp from six randomly selected apples. Louis, Missouri, USA by Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual compounds, with a concomitant formation of a blue complex. In this study, 0. The measurement was compared to a standard curve prepared with gallic acid solution Sigma Chemical. The total phenolic content was expressed as milligrams of gallic acid equivalents per gram of fresh weight mg GAE g-1 FW. Total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity Sample preparation.

The residues were re-extracted in the same conditions, and the supernatants were Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual for analysis 2nd extraction. Each supernatant 1st and 2nd extraction.

This assay gives an indication of the reducing ability of the plant extract. Mineral composition Preparation of samples for minerals. The elements analyzed were: The preparation of the samples for the analyses was developed using the experimental protocol proposed by Sadzawka et al.

Then, 10 mL of distilled water were added and the samples were agitated until a clean solution was obtained. Preparation of standards and analysis of samples. The analyses of the samples were done using the experimental method protocol proposed by Sadzawka et al.

The calibration curves were prepared for each element individually applying linear correlation. A blank reading was also taken and necessary correction was made during the calculation of the concentration of the various elements.

The N and P content were estimated with a molecular absorption spectroscopic method. Nutrient concentration of each element was expressed as mg g-1 FW. Statistical analysis Parameters evaluated used a completely randomized design with factorial arrange of 5 x 3, where the principal factor was the cultivar and the secondary factor was the.

We used three repetitions and all the analyses were run in triplicate. The correlation values were examined using Pearson correlation. Physical-chemical characteristics The physical-chemical characteristics of apple peel, pulp ,?! Cultivars differed considerably in the content of dry Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual in apple peel and pulp. No differences between cultivars were observed in the whole fruit. Fruit weight and proportion of fruit tissues in the apple cultivars studied.

Physical-chemical parameters of fruit tissues for different apple cultivars1, 2, 3. Physical-chemical parameters Fruit tissue. However, apple peel DM was higher than the values reported by Vieira et al. The fruit tissues of cvs. Pink Lady and Granny Smith presented the lowest value, in comparison to the other cultivars studied. Our results are in agreement with Wu et al.

However, the pH of apple peel was higher than the values reported by Vieira et al. The acidity of apple pulp was the highest, followed by whole fruit and peel. In agreement with our results, Drogoudi et al. In addition, Vieira et al. SS content of apple pulp was the highest, while apple peel had the lowest content.

In agreement with our results, Wu et al. Similarly, Drogoudi et al.! Additionally, Vieira et al. Color directly affects the appearance and the consumer acceptability of fruit. The results indicate that. The difference obtained in these parameters could be explained by different cultivars and growing condition. In effect, it is also well known that the genotype is the main factor that affects quantitatively and qualitatively the physical-chemical properties. In addition, the environmental factors, the agronomic practice, the postharvest condition or the processing also affect these parameters Wu et al.

Total phenolic content The Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual phenolic content TPC of apple peel, pulp, and whole fruit of all cultivars was determined using the Folin-Ciocalteau method. These results Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual in accordance with previous reports, which have shown that apple peel has a higher TPC compared to other edible parts of this fruit Wolfe et al.

However, Lombriz roja californiana reproduccion asexual contrast to our results, Gorinstein et al. This is in agreement with the results of Tsao et al.

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