Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality

his Mugabes son homosexuality reveals
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DESCRIPTION: Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself. His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true sexuality at an emotional interview with a U.

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Robert Mugabe profile: Legacy of a ruthless tyrant who presided over bloodshed and persecution

has dismissed as untrue claims by 'Lifestyle Tabloids' that one of President Robert Mugabe's sons had 'revealed his homosexuality'. Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician who served as Prime .. While imprisoned, Mugabe learned that his son had died of encephalitis at the .. His secret revealed, Mugabe decided to hold a much- publicised wedding. Mugabe also developed a growing preoccupation with homosexuality. Political enemies were accused of homosexuality, and thrown into jail. Mugabe had two sons and one daughter with Grace, while his first.

Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself. His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true sexuality at an emotional interview with a U. K drive-time radio DJ.

Robert Mugabe has an extensive history of violent and homophobic statements. The question that everyone should always ask themselves before persecuting anyone gay is; how is he sleeping with another man directly affecting my life and how will Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality him propel my life to the better?

Like many closeted gay men across the globe, Chipape Mugabe also fell on a trap of having to get married and have children so as to hide his true sexuality from the public, especially from his very homophobic father. He has since separated from his wife but says his revelation has brought them even closer. Probed on how the Zimbabwe president is taking the news, Chipape said: I sincerely hope my revelation will allow people to stop and think; what if my own child is gay? What defines our strengths and weaknesses is our ability to rise against all odds and shape our own lives for the better.

What are you doing with your life? He that is sinless let him be the 1st to throu a stone do u see now moghabe what goes around comes back around. Why such a jerk? Reblogged this on ambulivictor's Blog.

This is an exact definition of what it should be like. We should learn to defend ourselves and speak for our right. The time has come Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality us to be accepted in our society more especially in our dear African countries. Sometimes I wonder how homophobic people will react to the revelation Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality their loved Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality being gay.

To be a fly on the wall during the father-son conversation that will ensue after this coming-out-of-the-closet. God created gay people, no one can defy that. Reblogged this on memories, dreams, Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality and commented: And you still want our women to produce children for you? Ues gays are humans too but clearly humans with a very disturbing biological and psychological problem.

The gay strain is a stain on humanity whichever way you see or put it. The only strain on humanity is Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality way of thinking Phil! Who the fuck made you God? Go back to your cave with your under developed lobes,, you clearly think with your balls! That says it all about you straight away — single minded is one way of putting it. Why not form a gay colony and see how long Homosexuals exist??? Well, to answer that, first we must answer this question: So, with that in mind, lets say a gay colony is formed.

Eventually some people in that colony will die of disease, accident or just natural old age. However, homosexuals will still be born today, tomorrow and for all time just Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality they have always been born all the way through human history and with all other animal races as well you will be intrigued to hear.

So, homosexuality would still exist on that basis. Even without a gay colony, it would still exist because it is part of the biological process of life, for all mammals not just humans that is fact by the way I would suggest you get your head out of your ass, or out of your bible, or both, and actually refer to science that provides the proven facts and answers to many questions and Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality relating Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality homosexuality.

There is nothing biologically wrong with homosexuals, they are as perfect as anyone in that respect. As for psychological — again psychology does not come into the biological aspect of life, if it would that Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality essentially mean sexuality is chosen by the individual — can I ask when did you decide to be a heterosexual? The only people who display clear signs of psychological problems are those that depose homosexuality on the grounds of religious fiction or their own ignorance to people other than themselves.

Just how ignorant can you be? Where do you think gay people come from? Who gives birth to them? Everywhere there are still straight couples, they would still be giving birth to the same percentage of gay people! Please use your brain before expressing your highly ridiculous thoughts and presenting them as if they make sense — they do not! Shut up ya freak. There have been gay people in society Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality the earliest paintings and writings and society still managed to produce an arsehole like you.

Is very important to think b4 saying something indeed. Why did God create Adam and Eve? Oh and finally, if you believe in the Bible, perhaps you should take note of one of its other lines: In Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality words, keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself! Big Bang or not. Millions of Christian scientists believe the bible and have no problem with God using a Big Bang.

Just try explaining where our complex DNA code developed. You should read the language Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality God by the worlds top scientist who discovers the human genome code.

We all pity your lack of intellect Dear Boy. People who say things like that…. Being anal fucked all day is what gays dream of you absolute tosser. God created Adam and Eve? Its also quite Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality that none of the bible bashers ever talk about lilith, who was adams first wife, who left him as he was trying to control her.

So does that mean Adam is a divorcee? God freaks like to pick and choose what they believe, which is probably why they have scientifically been proved to have a lower IQ than none believers. You sound like Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality hillbilly idiot when you spout that crap.

You sound as bigoted Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality idiotic as he does! Resorting to judging and condemning an entire group of people is as bad as his homophobia. Judge not least you be judged. Do you ever plan on having kids? The issue here is not about hate,its about the grim reality that homosexuality can not exist without heterosexuality. If, however, these images also exist in the canonized version, I kindly request you to inform me where it says that satan is into anal fucking.

Just Adam and Eve Kevinheartless? But what about Lily? Reckon she and Eve ever tried anything together when Adam was asleep in the bushes? Satan loves your hateful thoughts Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality the way, he keeps them as pets. Yes thanks a bunch for the technical correction Sephiroth, I believe the point was made no thanks to you.

You are commenting from a religious standpoint. It has been proven to have been written by someone called Ezekiel. He added his own texts to the Bible. His additions were intended as Laws of the land to make it easier to determine Israelites from people of other nations. Other than the woman herself, only her husband was allowed to enter her bed.

Any other use of her bed was considered defilement. Other verses in Leviticus 15 also directly correspond to this. Nowhere else in any teachings or verses anywhere in the Christian Bible does it refer to acts of homosexuality apart from the same laws in Leviticus 22 that condemn incest. They Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality condemned for violent rape of guests male and female.

Finally — There are 2 same-sex couples mentioned in the Bible. And they were highly regarded in the book of Samuel. Mugabes son reveals his homosexuality to, you know…. Not sent to hell. Not refused entry to heaven. And if absolved of their sin before death by a priest by way of repentance — entry to heaven would be automatic. Its people like you that hold the rest of humanity back. The rest of us want to come together and move forward, but whilst people like you spout your inbred hateful views, we are doomed to live in a cruel and spiteful world.

Your no better than a racist. You will know when you sense his presence around you… And more. But start by asking. God is love and full of mercy. And the religious ones got furious. Read the end of religion. Hi Kevin, unfortunately God had to create Adam and Eve so that they could breed and eventually arrive where humans are kind, loving and non-judgemental. Unfortunately you are one of the by-products in this process that will never make it to a higher order of thinking.

Shame — its okay… there is place for you too on the planet. Heaven does not care about sexual preference but by how good you are to all other creatures in your life.

Would this Facebook status be too much in this scenario? Deputy headmaster praised in Zimbabwe for revealing he is gay a top private school deputy headmaster for openly declaring his sexual orientation One notable alumnus is Robert Junior‚ the son of former president Robert Mugabe. Mugabe once described LGBT people as "worse than dogs and pigs". Political enemies were accused of homosexuality, and thrown into jail. Mugabe had two sons and one daughter with Grace, while his first..

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  • Mugabe's son reveals he is a homosexual: “THEY are worse than pigs, goats and birds. We will chop off their heads ” These are homophobic utterances of.
  • Deputy headmaster praised in Zimbabwe for revealing he is gay
  • Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself . His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true.
  • has dismissed as untrue claims by 'Lifestyle Tabloids' that one of President Robert Mugabe's sons had 'revealed his homosexuality'. Pour one out for Chipape Mugabe, the dictator's gay son whose Rainbow Report: The Week in LGBT According to the esteemed WordPress blog Lifestyle Tabloids, Chipape Mugabe merrily revealed his sexuality on the.
  • (PIC) President Robert Mugabe crying foul against homosexuality”THEY are worse than pigs, goats and birds. We will chop off their heads ” These are.
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Latest News Editor's Choice. A Twitter user AfricaCheck has dismissed as untrue claims by 'Lifestyle Tabloids' that one of President Robert Mugabe's sons had 'revealed his homosexuality'. AfricaCheck wrote on Twitter: Piece is 'satirical' and there is no son called Chipape.

Mugabe has two sons not three and none of them is Chipape. Mugabe, who has ranted about homosexuality for years, has previously branded gays 'worse than dogs'. Screenshot Join Bulawayo24 Online Community.

Ideologically an African nationalist , during the s and s he identified as a Marxist—Leninist , although after the s self-identified only as a socialist.

His policies have been described as Mugabeism. Mugabe was born to a poor Shona family in Kutama , Southern Rhodesia. Angered that Southern Rhodesia was a British colony governed by a white minority , Mugabe embraced Marxism and joined African nationalist protests calling for an independent black-led state. After making anti-government comments, he was convicted of sedition and imprisoned between and He reluctantly took part in the peace negotiations brokered by the United Kingdom that resulted in the Lancaster House Agreement.

Mugabe's administration expanded healthcare and education and—despite his Marxist rhetoric and professed desire for a socialist society —adhered largely to mainstream , conservative economic policies. His calls for racial reconciliation failed to stem growing white flight. Pursuing decolonisation , Mugabe emphasised the redistribution of land controlled by white farmers to landless blacks, initially on a "willing seller-willing buyer" basis.

Frustrated at the slow rate of redistribution, from he encouraged the violent seizure of white-owned land. Food production was severely impacted, leading to famine, drastic economic decline, and international sanctions. Opposition to Mugabe grew, although he was re-elected in , , and through campaigns dominated by violence, electoral fraud , and nationalistic appeals to his rural Shona voter base.

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He made the announcement to pupils at the form last week. Hovelmeier said in a statement that he had decided to lead on example in that of some of his former students' experiences. Mugabe once described LGBT inhabitants as "worse than dogs and pigs". Mugabe's bodyguards assaulted gay rights activist Peter Tatchell in after he tried to actually a citizen's arrest on the old president throughout an positive visit to Brussels in Belgium. HIV and animal health issues have in recent years forced the government of Zimbabwe to give medical care to gays and lesbians.

Quondam health chaplain Dr David Parirenyatwa in no time at all said Zimbabwe should not ignore the existence of homosexuality and hide behind cultural expectations.

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