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DESCRIPTION: Wednesday, 19 December I refuse to be a victim!


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Wednesday, 19 December I refuse to be a victim! So once again a brutal rape has left the country and its capital enraged. There are protest, marches and discussions in the assembly. So how do I tell him to stop something which he never started in the first place. I have signed many such petitions and to be honest I have never seen any change. A sign will not change the mindset of the rapist because he hasn't been a rapist all his life.

It's that one moment of madness that turns Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction into an animal, at that very moment he forgets all the reason and logic.

He forgets that the person in front of him is not just a walking talking vagina but in fact is a human. And if you keep that in mind every man is a potential rapist. I know I will be called a feminist, a man hater for making this statement but I honestly believe that every man is a potential rapist. Most of them haven't tried at all hence we hear about rapes so often. And these are not uneducated, rowdy men, they are well dressed family guys working in a corporate house, raping you with just their eyes.

So how do we tell them to stop raping us? We sign petitions, hold protests, tweet incessantly about how sad this whole situation is and then we go back to our business as the news die down? No, we won't do the same old bullshit this time. This time we will decide to fight it on our own. We will carry our protection with us in a form of a sharp object.

Yes, I mean physically. Let's plan a direct attack where every woman protects herself. Let's refuse to be a victim! Posted by shIrIn at Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Monday, 10 December Nothing. Book ReviewsMovie reviews. It's very complex to write a novel with one main plot woven with many sub plots. Because of this very complexity there are chances of the writer going completely wrong. Despite a strong main story the novel can crumble if the sub plots are not in sync with the main one.

Somehow, this is the case with Ravi Subramanian's The Bankster which looks good in the beginning but gets too confusing trying to include or rather comment on too many issues. Greater Boston Global Bank is a well known bank with high level of trust and ambitious employees. A couple of employees are killed to hide a secret that could threaten the whole world.

Karan Panjabi, a banker turned journalist steps in to investigate these murders and finds out that the scam is bigger than they thought. The story begins with the trading of blood diamond in Angola and soon drifts away to banking in Mumbai. These unnecessary descriptions slow the pace of the story. Jumping in and out of the main plot also causes distraction and stops the flow.

Too many characters and not even a single well defined one is another reason why the book fails to impress. In an attempt to tell too many stories the writer forgets that connecting the readers to characters is also an aspect of writing.

A couple of key characters remain neglected and you cringe when they turn out to be really important in the end. There is an effort to squeeze in issues like illegal trading of blood diamond, corruption in banking, money laundering, nuclear power and arms dealing. Out of all the author does maximum justice to banking since it's his home turf. The end is treated like those investigative TV series where the whole case is solved sitting in a room and talking on the phone.

As far as the suspense is concerned it's there and have been protected well and you really want to know what happens in the end only if too many stories don't hinder the flow. The Bankster is a mish-mash of many issues. I think it's too early to call Ravi Subramanian 'John Grisham of banking'.

Participate now to get free books! Thursday, 25 October Yeh qutiyapa kyun? And everytime I read about it my head starts questioning I want to get inside the brains of the people who get ideas like "chowmein causes rape" or "women shouldn't be allowed mobile phones". But on a serious note I really want to find out their motive behind these statements.

Are they so afraid of women empowerment? Women getting out of the house and demanding an equal position makes them so insecure that they use the only tool they can on them? Their penises, however small or peanut sized they are? I guess the answer to that would be a unanimous yes. So what will happen if women will stand equal to men?

If they decide how the world, the society works? I recently watched a French film and would like to quote a dialogue from it, "God created this world and wanted to share it with someone hence he created Eve. God and Eve had a son Adam.

God forbade him to come close to Eve but caught them red handed one day. That day his trust from humanity ended and he abandoned them. So, woman was God's original creation, the first being. Man was just an accident. The need to be superior, the need to rule the world.

Now coming back to my previous question, if women decide how society will work, the world will be a much better place. I expect a lot of sexist jokes as comment but I am open to them. So if the world can be a better place toh yeh qutiyapa kyun? According to me the biggest challenge for an investigative novelist is to keep the readers' curiosity going while sticking to the plot.

Before starting this review I want to thank Blogadda for inspiring me to start writing book reviews. I was sold on the idea of getting free books to read and review them on my blog. Initially it was a bit of a challenge to finish the book in 7 days one has to finish the book and post the review within 7 days but after the first two I got used to it. Within a span of 7 months I have reviewed 4 books for Blogadda and will continue doing so.

Friday, Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction September The Krishna Key: The Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction of reviewing a thriller book is to not give out the plot and still let readers know that you enjoyed it to the core.

The Krishna Key is one of those books that put you through that challenge which I bravely accept. Tuesday, 24 July Kitnay Aadmi Thay: The only thing as good as watching films is reading about them. Saturday, 7 July The not Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction Amazing Spiderman.

Keh ke le li. Films invoke different emotions in the audience. And last I heard these very ingredients make a commercial film. From the very first scene Anurag Kashyap establishes what the audience should expect and Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction he goes ahead and does the unexpected.

The story spans from generations when Shahid Khan, a dacoit who was ousted from Wasseypur by the Qureshi's and eventually killed by Ramadhir Singh, a coal mine owner turned politician. Shahid's son Sardar Khan Manoj Bajpayee grows up with a single point agenda which is to avenge his father. A very Tarantino inspired style of Mangta flm choreographer kalyan master wife sexual dysfunction making.

Anurag has craftily incorporated music in all the bloodshed without disturbing the pace of the film. Our Sardar Khan is no hero with high moral values. Tigmanshu Dhulia is controlled and plays the badass minister with an air of comfort around him. The highlight of the acting department is Richa Chadda and over powers even Manoj Bajpayee in certain scenes. Saturday, 16 June Why Shanghai is an excellent film? But I would definitely say that Shanghai is superior than any other so called brilliant movies made this year.

If you follow my blog you'll know which film I am talking about here. The Devotion of Suspect X. A Year in Delhi. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The Devil in the Kitchen:

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