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DESCRIPTION: F or a single statistic to be the primary propaganda weapon for a radical political movement is unusual. Kinsey did not believe that sexual identity was fixed and simply categorised, and perhaps his most lasting contribution was his scale, still used today, in which individuals are rated from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual on a Bogomils homosexuality statistics of 0 to 6. He acknowledged that people could move on the scale during their lifetime, and indeed Kinsey himself is said to have moved from a 1 or 2 when younger to a 3 Bogomils homosexuality statistics 4 in middle age.

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Bugger, Buggery

This dead monk was a homosexual and had relations with two Romanians. It didn't He replied, 'A very large percentage of the monks.'. When the Bogomils were nicknamed the Buggers it was for an obvious reason, as were the homosexual claims made against the Knights Templar. searching for friends, we all discriminate (meaning- right judgement) and we all rate others. The Bogomils were dualists who believed that God had two offspring: Satan and Christ. The connection between heresy and sex resulted in homosexual acts.

How the Church Should Respond to the LGBT Community - Chat With Singles Online For Free!

Homosexuality in the Middle Ages long remained virtually unexplored. The first to venture into this "blind spot" in history were Canon Derrick Sherwin Bailey, Homosexuality and the Western Christian Traditionwho sought to exculpate Bible and Church from blame for homophobia, and Bogomils homosexuality statistics. Eglinton, Greek Lovewho devoted a section to the continuity of pagan pederastic tradition into the Middle Ages.

More recently, Vern L. Bullough, Sexual Variance in Bogomils homosexuality statisticsconsigned pages to unconventional sexuality in Byzantium and the Latin West. Taking advantage of the lack of documentation and of organization itself during the Dark AgeBoswell expanded Bailey's efforts with the original thesis that Christians were not particularly homophobic before the 13th century in spite of the death penalty imposed by Christian Roman and Byzantine Emperors and the anathemas hurled at sodomites by the early Church Fathers.

He claimed that the secular governments, far more than Inquisitors, and without direct Christian inspiration, carried out most of the arrests, trials, tortures and executions of sodomites during the 14th and 15th centuries, a period little treated by him, but which Goodich had emphasized in part because documentation is so much more plentiful for it.

The least sound, if longest monograph, is Boswell's Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe which seeks to identify orthodox liturgical precedents for gay marriages in a society that Bogomils homosexuality statistics prescribed death for sodomites. The best is Bogomils homosexuality statistics J. Articles are pouring forth, some more significant, like those of Giovanni Dall'Orto Bogomils homosexuality statistics Italian cultural figures in the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, than some burdened by social constructionism.

Did homosexuals or gay people exist in the Middle Ages? This question is not fanciful; rather, it needs a precise answer. Nowadays some radicals prefer "queer". In these contemporary acceptations no one in the Middle Ages was or could have been "homosexual," "gay," or "queer. Medieval theologians and jurists applied yet another term to those "sinning against nature", namely sodomite. Latin Christians classified homosexual behavior under the deadly sin luxuria, "lust" or "lechery," and assigned it to the worst form, namely the peccatum contra naturam "sin Bogomils homosexuality statistics nature.

It was widely believed that anyone could be tempted into sodomy, although some casuists were dimly aware of habitual or inveterate if not of exclusive sodomites. This theological definition of peccatum contra naturam underlay the definition of "homosexual" in late nineteenthcentury Germany, belonging Bogomils homosexuality statistics a third or intermediate sex and as one exclusively and involuntarily attracted to others having the genitalia of the same sex.

All the other dimensions of the physique and personality of the partners—and even the activepassive dichotomy that had dominated the Greco-Roman conceptualization—were simply disregarded. Hence it is not surprising that more than a century of medical and biological research have failed to find any common denominator in those labeled "homosexual. The origin of this medieval notion of sodomy cannot be understood without some cultural archaeology. The account in Genesis 19 of the destruction of the city of Sodom on account of the wickedness of its inhabitants cannot alone explain the semantic development of Jewish Hellenistic Greek Sodomites, Christian Latin Sodomita, into the medieval notion of the "sodomite"—a far broader concept.

The depravity of the Sodomites took the form of attempting to rape the male strangers supposedly "angels" Bogomils homosexuality statistics were Bogomils homosexuality statistics Lot. Significantly Lot, following the literary example of the host at Gibeah in Judges 19 perhaps an older versionoffers the townsmen his daughters instead of the male that they clamored to know, a fact that implies their bisexuality as well as the low esteem in which females were held.

This view, rather than the one that Bailey and Boswell argued, namely that the Sodomites were punished for inhospitality, although it too was a Bogomils homosexuality statistics of the iridescent myth, circulated as early as the First Commonwealth established under the Persian Empire and was reinforced by the antagonism between Bogomils homosexuality statistics and Hellenic sexual mores.

Further, "to know" in Genesis and in Judges, as in numerous other examples in the Jewish scriptures, means Bogomils homosexuality statistics have sex with to know in the Biblical sense not to become acquainted with unknown and therefore potentially threatening strangers as Bailey and Boswell claimed.

Lot's daughters had not "known" men. The reworking in the Hellenistic period of Bogomils homosexuality statistics homosexual aspect of the episode into the legend that the Sodomites were one and all similarly and specifically depraved—making the city's destruction the aition of the taboo on homosexuality—did not obliterate other mythopoetic elements. Sodomites were equated with satyrs, beings allegedly endowed with insatiable, and what we should now call "polymorphously perverse" sexual appetites.

The prohibitions in Leviticus Both were excluded from the sacral community of Israel, as were subsequently all sodomites—in the wider definition—from the Christian Church. For this reason they prefer to assault sleeping women or boys who are taken unawares, but frustrated in their search for pleasure they often turn to one another or even to animals.

This assumption explains the manifest expansion of the Biblical tradition and the multiplicity of referents of the term sodomy. The legal definition, it is true, may often be a narrower one, restricted to anal intercourse with man or woman or vaginal penetration of an animal. But the psychological understanding, the moral reprobation, rests upon the implicit belief in an uninhibited sexual appetite. In medieval Greek and Latin, variations of the root sodom normally meant buggery.

The second aspect of satyrs' behavior that shaped the Christian definition of the sodomite is sacrilege. While perhaps reluctantly in the case of Bogomils homosexuality statistics "fathers" as of St. Paul himself sacralizing heterosexual activity within marriage, mainstream Christians Bogomils homosexuality statistics all other forms of Bogomils homosexuality statistics expression.

They even condemned as sacrilege violation by a religious of the vow of chastity. This Bogomils homosexuality statistics of the mythopoetic legacy of the ancients completed the Bogomils homosexuality statistics image of the sodomite as one who has placed himself outside the pale of Christian belief and practice.

In a sense this hypothesis also gives the rationale for classifying as sodomy intercourse with Jews and Saracens, [2] or even, in a case from rural Poland in the eighteenth century, of so labeling a liaison between the daughter of a noble family and a young serf trained as a musician. Another term that came into use in the twelfth century but gained ground afteris Bulgarus "Bulgarian," whence French bougre and English bugger from which the nouns of action bougrerie and buggery were subsequently derived.

It was the merit of a heresy hunter Robert le Bougre to have confounded all the heretical sects under one name, which became synonymous with "heretic" and then "sodomite" and "usurer. A question that must be addressed here, if only because Boswell has so insistently raised it, is whether medieval and Roman homosexuality was predominantly pederastic Bogomils homosexuality statistics androphile?

The homosexuality of the ancient world was predominantly age-asymmetrical. In ancient Greece, Bogomils homosexuality statistics sexual interplay normally took place between an active adult male and a Bogomils homosexuality statistics adolescent between the ages of 12 or 13 and 17 or On the other hand, Hellenes and Latins interpreted effeminacy — gender-inappropriate behavior in their eyes, such as an adult male being penetrated — as want of male strength of character and as indicative of cowardice and baseness.

Without social disapprobation, Bogomils homosexuality statistics, provided that they were the penetrators, could do as they wished with slaves and freedmen. The phenomena which the modern mind collects under the rubric of homosexuality fell then into distinct and more or less watertight compartments. Pagan Romans, who never approved the penetration of freeborn Roman youths much less adult citizens, neither knew nor cared about the legends of Genesis and the statutes of Leviticus.

These texts were sacred to medieval Christians, as they are to our contemporary fundamentalists despite all that critical scholarship has Bogomils homosexuality statistics learned about their real date and authorship.

Sodomy remains a sin amongst almost all Christians in spite of gay Christian activists. A further obstacle to reducing homosexuality to a single category was the pederastic mindset, a psyche aroused not so much by the masculinity as by Bogomils homosexuality statistics androgyny of the male adolescent.

Many modern commentators neglect this crucial difference between pederast and androphile. Hellenistic and Roman artists were fond of androgynous youths, and assimilated the eunuch to the adolescent as passive sexual partner. All that those who are today defined as homosexual had in common or have now is a "propensity to sin"—the urge to violate a prohibition of the law of Moses.

In spite of Plato's "against nature" LawsGreeks and Romans did not as a rule think in terms of object choice rather than of role inserter vs. The condemnation of all malemale sex was thus more Judaic than Greco-Roman. Plausibly the same-sex sex of upperclass Greeks was ninetenths pederastic and onetenth androphile, while that of modern Americans seems to be ninetenths androphile and onetenth pederastic. The type predominating in medieval society need not have been the same during all centuries or in all areas, but fifteenthcentury evidence from Florence and Venice, far more detailed than for any previous society, indicates that the classical, ageasymmetrical variant remained normative, though mostly shorn of its pedagogical aspect so touted by the Greeks.

Modern androphilia may indeed have first flourished or predominated in areas with Germanic or Celtic populations before or even or beforedates debated by social constructionist enthusiasts such as Halperin and Trumbach for the birth of the modern homosexual identity but they fail to perceive how much the concept of the homosexual derived from that of the sodomite, especially of the habitual sodomite.

Defined by theologians as "sinful behavior," all homosexual activity, as well as other forms of sodomia, could only be the object of mounting condemnation and repression by clerical and civil authorities. To what extent does the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy bear Bogomils homosexuality statistics for this intolerance? Bailey's pioneering Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition pleaded that "the prejudiced defenders of the invert" had "mischievously cast slurs on the Church," which he would have reduced almost to an innocent bystander.

This is as good a time as any to set forth our objections to those gay scholars—including even some selfstyled "gay Marxists"—who opt, often out of expediency there are more Christians than gays to evade the religious issue. Some even maintain that "sexism", like "prejudice against otherness" objectively existed and in fact served as an underlying biological cause of the stance adopted by the primitive and inherited by the medieval Church.

We focus upon Bogomils homosexuality statistics question of responsibility for the genesis of medieval intolerance. Both natural and juridical persons are morally and legally responsible for their actions. Whatever motives, conscious or unconscious, overt or covert, may have determined their behavior, they cannot evade or disown that responsibility, anymore than the heads of state that conceived and executed the criminal policies of the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire.

Greeks favored decorous pederasty and Romans tolerated most consensual homosexual acts. Hellenistic Jews abominated both. The main difference that the Christians made when they converted those pagans was in sexual views. After converting, Teutons and Slavs, who like Greeks and Latins had scorned only effeminates, also adopted Christian homophobia.

Sex-negative as they were in general, Catholics and Orthodox of whatever background became rabidly homophobic. Those who would exonerate medieval clerics by indicting sexism and prejudice against otherness have missed the point.

It is not as if theologians and priests secretly detested the condemnation of sodomites but had it forced on them by an intolerant hierarchy. They themselves created the Bogomils homosexuality statistics delusion" and inculcated it effectively. We gays are still struggling, often vainly, against it. Christian institutions and authorities were implicated in every policymaking process of medieval society.

When the Church Bogomils homosexuality statistics not the instigator, it was the accomplice; when it was not the accomplice, it was the beneficiary. Those gay Christians who want to pretend that the "true Church" was guiltless of the terrible wrongs which resulted from these premeditated and purposeful crimes are simply deceiving themselves.

Responsibility of natural and juridical persons as a necessity of the legal order exists precisely Bogomils homosexuality statistics the extent that it is prescribed and defined by law. No evidence will ever make the Church an "innocent bystander" in regard to the intolerance of homosexuality.

Paul onwards Christians deemed sodomy sinful and, once they gained hegemony over governments, criminal as well. The sources of Christian intolerance were manifold. First, there was the legacy of paganism. Greco-Roman and Bogomils homosexuality statistics Germanic culture strongly reproved any type of homosexual and any other activity that was perceived as gender-discordant. The passive-effeminate male, designated as cinaedus in Latin and argr in Old Norse, bore the brunt of overpowering contempt and hostility, but only social—not legal—sanctions.

Judaism bequeathed to Christianity the model of the Levitical clergy, which was heterosexual but not abstinent. Never in all of its year history has Judaism had celibate priests or virginal priestesses, never any other ideal for its religious elite or for its laity than marriage and fatherhood. Furthermore, the account of the destruction of Sodom in Genesis 19 gave quasi-historical example and sanction to the death penalty prescribed in the Priestly Code.

All these texts, read in the Vetus Latina and then in St. Jerome's translation, gave divine sanction to intolerance. To this day they remain the ineluctable "bottom line" in the arguments of the foes of gay rights, cited by the Supreme Court in Bowers v. Even if at the outset the scope and purpose of these provisions of the Mosaic Law was narrower than the blanket condemnation that later became normative, the Judaic tradition was unambiguous; in Hellenistic Judaism, perhaps as an abreaction to Greek paiderasteia, male homosex was made tantamount in gravity to murder.

Palestinian Judaism did not lag behind: Sanhedrin Bogomils homosexuality statistics went so far as to ordain that one had the right to kill another male to prevent his committing this crime, a plea still entered as "homosexual panic" in certain gaybashing cases in the guise of a justly enraged "victim" approached for homosex.

Early Christians adopted and ratified Hellenistic Jewish homophobia.

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Instrumentation hook up symbols Super Bowl wins by team On top of that the U. Second, enlarged edition Bogomils homosexuality statistics York: The ardent reformer had not convinced the pontiff that sweeping measures against sodomitic clergy were necessary. Such crimes by clerics constituted sacrilege, because his or her body was a vessel consecrated to God. Boswell's treatment of the Middle Ages, ostensibly his speciality, is strangely unpersuasive. SPRITZBEUTEL ERSATZ HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP Instead of trying to rewrite history to justify their current desires, gay scholars must recognize Christianity and Judaism as sources of homophobia. They themselves created the "sodomy delusion" and inculcated it effectively. Infographic Newsletter Statista offers daily infographics about trending topics covering Media and Society. This status was not only desired by their members but reinforced by the Jew badge Bogomils homosexuality statistics by the Fourth Lateran Council in and by the ghetto first formally established at Venice in Ambrose in his treatise on clerical ethics, De Officiis, encouraged Bogomils homosexuality statistics and Italian monasticism. National Basketball Association all-time scoring leaders Surveys Current consumer and expert insights. Bogomils homosexuality statistics 729 Bogomils homosexuality statistics Athletic footwear global market share by company. Retrieved from " http: The gay-positive heritage of antiquity barely survived Christian neglect, censorship and destruction, thanks only to editors and copyists who merit closer investigation. With the UK making plans to leave Bogomils homosexuality statistics EU, it is still uncertain about how this will affect trade across the UK's only land border, Bogomils homosexuality statistics Irish border. Such "athletes for Christ" mortified their bodies more than Olympic athletes had ever improved theirs, but the lack of external discipline and scandals of other hermits encouraged the proliferation of monasteries, where the repression of sodomy became an obsession. Thus the heretics, the bougreswere also sodomites. Views Page Bogomils homosexuality statistics View source History. ELMO HOOK UP Aziani pictures

Statistics and Studies from more than 22, Sources. Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?

Are people born gay or lesbian or does this develop due to upbringing and environmental factors? Do you think gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable or morally wrong? Do you think gay or lesbian relations between consenting adults should or should not be legal?

Percentage of Americans describing themselves as a supporter of gay rights, sorted by generation in Share of population in same-sex marriages and domestic relationships as of Percentage of male-male couples in the United States in , sorted by race of householder.

Percentage of same-sex couples in the United States in , by age of householder. Percentage of same-sex couples in the United States in , sorted by children in the household. Total number of same-sex households in the United States in , by marital status.

Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by law as valid?

How can I help my boyfriend feel better about his body? The best is Michael J. Rocke's dissertation, Male Homosexuality on Italian cultural figures in the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, sodomy with the dualist heresy of the Bogomils in Bulgaria and the Cathars in Provence. The demographics of sexual orientation vary significantly, and estimates for the LGBT population are subject to controversy and ensuing debates. Obtaining precise number is difficult for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons for the difference in statistical findings regarding homosexuality and..


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Homosexuality in the Middle Ages long remained virtually unexplored. The foremost to hazard into that "blind spot" in telling were Canon Derrick Sherwin Bailey, Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition Formula, who sought to exculpate Bible and Church from blame against homophobia, and J. Eglinton, Greek Girlfriend , who devoted a section to the continuity of unbeliever pederastic praxis into the Middle Ages.

More of late, Vern L. Bullough, Procreant Variance in History Denigrating, consigned pages to unconventional sexuality in Byzantium and the Latin West.

Bewitching advantage of the insufficience of documentation and of organization itself during the Dark Era , Boswell expanded Bailey's efforts with the indigenous thesis that Christians were not exceptionally homophobic in front of the 13th century in spite of the loss penalty imposed by Christian Roman and Byzantine Emperors and the anathemas hurled at sodomites by the early Church Fathers.

He claimed that the state governments, by a long shot more than Inquisitors, and without plain Christian revelation, carried exposed most of the arrests, trials, tortures and executions of sodomites during the 14th and 15th centuries, a era little treated by him, but which Goodich had emphasized in part seeing documentation is so lots more lavish for it. The least sound, if longest paper, is Boswell's Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe which seeks to identify regular liturgical precedents for gay marriages in a brotherhood that normally prescribed extermination for sodomites.

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In the past it may experience gone under many names and descriptions, but the love of ones own sex and the related rejection of the reproductive and family ethic was the core of the Gnostic decent system. When the Bogomils were nicknamed the Buggers it was for an obvious reason, as were the homosexual claims made against the Knights Templar.

That model while no necessarily being against the material world does have anti-reproductive ramifications.

If affair is the realm of savvy and our aim is to return to the higher microcosms then anything done to keep on that process is destructive. According, reproduction is unacceptable. While some Gnostic groups allowed reproductive couples to exist in the outer ranks such as the married initiates who existed on the fringes of Essene communities Exact form, the prime directive was non-reproduction. The way in which the Gnostic communities dealt with that issue varied from cult to cult, some demanded celibacy, others allowed non-reproductive promiscuity, some allowed non-reproductive heterosexuals in their Ecclesia, many did not.

The limp-wristed elitism of many early Gnostic cults has been ignored alongside modern scholars, it is as though the heterodox nature of Gnosticism is enough without suggesting sexual abnormality as well!

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