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while having crying sex Girls
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DESCRIPTION: Big community funding update! Tears of Joy January 19, 6:

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A woman's body—or a man's, for that matter—goes through a laundry list of hormonal and neurological changes during sex, and it's possible. Now, onto this week's topic: reasons why crying during sex happens — and what it might mean. Q: “I like it when my partner dominates me. I mean, nobody should be crying during sex because you're in serious pain or because the D is too big or something like that. You should be.

Big community funding update! Tears of Joy January 19, 6: It's not pain crying. The first time it happened it totally freaked me out, but she assured me it was all good, that it was about going beyond a really good feeling to one of being "overwhelmed. It's since become the high water mark of our intimate Girls crying while having sex, which are not particularly unusual in any way--meaning we're not doing something really freaky, for which tears might be appropriate.

I do my best to take full credit for pushing her climax that far, but it must be admitted that it's most likely when she's the active one. I'm widely experienced enough to think that this is, well, pretty unusual. I knew a girl once who said that really good sex for her was often followed by some form of tears, pretty much how you describe it. Though I didn't manage to ever see it first-hand. I know this doesn't tell you much about the population at large, but unless we're talking about Girls crying while having sex same woman, I guess it's out there.

It's never happened to me, but I've heard from male friends of mine that this happens to their female partners not infrequently. It's definitely not unusual. I've heard about this happening with female friends of mine.

I don't think it's especially unusual--after particularly good sex I feel like jumping on the bed, standing on my head, doing somersaults, talking really fast, etc. It's all this excess energy racing around inside my skin; if I suppress it, it kills the high. I'd imagine it's the same for your girlfriend. Interesting that it doesn't seem to happen to males so much.

I knew a guy that had a mini-seizure every time he came I would have preferred it if he cried. You two are probably having great, emotionally Girls crying while having sex sex.

It happens for me after sex like that - the urge to sob and bawl and let it all out wells up just after orgasm. And it feels sooo goood to the point where I am crying and laughing and smiling through my bawling. Afterward I feel cleansed. I'd vote for the Girls crying while having sex of 'not common and somewhere near unusual' in terms of 'girls that do it or not'.

Those that do, do it not uncommonly, I'd say, to varying degrees. Is that vague enough? Who cares if it is or not? Whatever makes her happy! Believe your gf's explanation. Not unusual; it's happened to me a handful of times. It wasn't even so much that anything in particular was triggering the tears, it's just that sometimes an orgasm leaves you totally naked mentally and emotionally Girls crying while having sex well as physically, and whatever fleeting impulse of an emotion happens to Girls crying while having sex up into your brain just comes straight out.

And sometimes, tears are involved in that. Not unusual, and no big deal. It's happened Girls crying while having sex me, and most female friends with whom I discuss such things confirm that it's happened to them as well. That said, it is NOT a high-water mark for me. It's great when it happens, since it's usually the sign of deeply emotional sex--but to happen every single time would be really exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It often seems a form of "relief" to a stressful period in my non-sex life as well. As a matter of fact, I think it would be impossible for it to happen every time for exactly those reasons. It happens to me sometimes. I think it's because a really good orgasm is a kind of catharsis and you just let it all out.

Sometimes that's just the switch that gets flipped. Generally a good thing, better when occasional. Not Girls crying while having sex at all, I can attest. Not even a little unusual. Yep, seconding the whole tension release thing. P posted by Madamina at 7: Happened to a former GF sometimes when we "made love" vs you know, more pedestrian sex. Always kinda disturbed me though - some visceral reaction like I did something wrong. Hard to get used to, but not uncommon.

It seems to freak dudes out, though, so I'm guessing that it's not all that common. One more vote Girls crying while having sex "it's normal, no big deal. It can be weird the first few times, and then I went through a phase of thinking I was a total sex god, but at some point I figured out that it wasn't about me at all -- it's just how some people process some combination of emotional closeness and post-sex hormones.

I have had tears on a couple of occasions and Girls crying while having sex when I'm feeling deeply emotionally attached to my partner. I often giggle and laugh like crazy. It does seem to catch guys off guard a bit and I've appreciated it when the guy has talked Girls crying while having sex me about it.

I think they initially think Girls crying while having sex laughing at them, Girls crying while having sex it is just an expression of how good and deeply joyful orgasm makes me feel.

Another "it's normal" here. And it's a good thing, in my opinion--the more dramatic my orgasm, the more tears, as a general rule.

It's not an every time I come thing, but it's almost an every time I come with my husband thing. Possibly not related, but he's Girls crying while having sex only person who's ever made me cry good way! I have no idea what that means, though.

Somewhere near the end, near orgasm or right after, it feels like some well of tears deep inside me gets unlocked and released. Sometimes, actual memories or sadness goes along with it, sometimes not. I usually feel sadness and relief, and experience it as a very good thing. The sadness might be "god, what a hard week it's been," or "wow, I can't believe Girls crying while having sex scared I was I'd lose you during that one fight we had," and sometimes it's much less specific.

It's not always about my partner, but I usually feel really close to him, and grateful that I could open up this much with him. The best response is just to appreciate it as a deep thing and be open to it, maybe not think too much about who caused it or how it happened.

I only cry upon orgasm when: In other words, eh, about once a year. As a man who makes a funny face for ten seconds or so, I feel so totally ripped off. Definitely not uncommon, I've encountered it on rare occasion. It's the lacrimal equivalent of dancing a jig. I do this all the time with my husband. Usually it's if the sex is particularly emotional, but sometimes just hugging him at the end is enough to catapult me to tears even if the sex itself was more Girls crying while having sex. I laugh uncontrollably sometimes, just after it's all over.

My girlfriend was put off at first, but now she joins in with me. It's the enormity of the release that does it. Just hold her, cradle her and get involved. It'll bring you closer posted by 0bvious at 3: Just be thankful it's not the aforementioned uncontrollable giggling fit, which really takes some getting used to after the initial shock.

It's happened to me once or twice and I know other women who have experienced this phenomenon reguarly. Don't look a fine gift horse in the mouth, man. It's common, but not so common that Girls crying while having sex shouldn't cherish that level of connection. It's never happened to me, but I have been overwhelmed Girls crying while having sex uncontrollable laughter when the orgasm has been particularly intense.

It was disconcerting for my partner at first, but after awhile he got used to it. Sometimes when I've been overwhelmed with a really good orgasm right around the same time I realize I've fallen in love with someone, I cry.

Girls crying while having sex emotions are overwhelming. I've cried with at least 3 boyfriends I can remember. It's from the heartfelt emotion of the love involved, not the intensity of the orgasm for me. The orgasm just pushes the emotions over the edge where crying can't be helped. There was an article in the NY Times today that might interest you, anonymous: I ran across it on Jezebel.

I think that article and the jezebel thread are related to a different phenomenon. After sex, I feel literally achy and depressed for about a day Crying immediately after an orgasm does not necessarily indicate that the OP's girlfriend is experiencing post-sex Girls crying while having sex. We want a Wii and we want it now. This thread is closed to new comments.

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Superficially this is happening to public, and I need to semblance out how to make it happen to moi. Happily I already have a person in mind — and he knows who he is! The other day I was watching a pornographic — though artful — performance work online and all through the whole video the union was so intense that the guy on bottom was literally crying. Like literally crying — before the orgasm set in.

I guess it depends on how you engage with the mechanics of sex and the emotions attached to it. We can skip class to fool sex or, you know, whatever. For most people, sex can feel absolutely amazing every life you do it, even after some kind of emotional or other connection to your helpmeet.

Rub this, shake that, whistle here, press below — and bing, bang, boom, you obtain an orgasm. When you take sex so good it forms you cry, all of your physical and mental pleasure points are hit to the bit where your body is rightful like, OH SHIT. We pinpoint so wrapped up in the physicality of sex that we forget how mental the participation is supposed to be. Reblogged this on Love, Hate— It's all Innate.

You have a yen for a obvious lassie in your bed to be anyone of two things: But what if she cries? Wellnigh half of women accept felt unexplainable gloominess after coupling, the research finds. Her crying may press everything to do with you. It could moral be a biological reflex to coition. Or it could be something staid. The researchers raise that women who had has-been sexually ill-treated as children were more able to empiricism postcoital dysphoria.

The staffer went on to explain that a colleague of hers insisted he never cries. He and the handful of other scientists who study human crying tend to focus their research on wet eyes, not dry ones, so before the broadcast began, he set up an email address—nocrying10 gmail. Within a few hours, Trimble had received hundreds of messages. Though some other species shed tears reflexively as a result of pain or irritation, humans are the only creatures whose tears can be triggered by their feelings.

In babies, tears have the obvious and crucial role of soliciting attention and care from adults. But what about in grownups? Scientific doubt that crying has any real benefit beyond the physiological—tears lubricate the eyes—has persisted for centuries. Beyond that, researchers have generally focused their attention more on emotions than on physiological processes that can appear to be their by-products: But crying is more than a symptom of sadness, as Vingerhoets and others are showing.


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Missing him but does he miss me? Yet, thinking back about it, the thought of fucking her / using her, having her taking it like a good girl while she cries turns me on so much, it's an. Welcome to the new BuzzFeed Sex Q&A where you can ask us your There's so much happening in your mind and body during orgasm that..

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Women cry all the time, especially during any experience that is . me it was because the girl was so worried about being a slut and having sex. I mean, nobody should be crying during sex because you're in serious pain or because the D is too big or something like that. You should be. Welcome to the new BuzzFeed Sex Q&A where you can ask us your There's so much happening in your mind and body during orgasm that.

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