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DESCRIPTION: Also please realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information, i.

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Game Name: Thousand Arms. md5sum: 1dffcc0c0bf78dcade16aecd. "Depend on you - Thousand Arms" is a high quality rip of "Depend on you" from Thousand Arms. At , the game music is mashed up with the Upload date. Thousand Arms is a video game for the Sony PlayStation released by Atlus in If you pay attention during dates, you'll see that Wyna's eyepatch changes . musician Ayumi Hamasaki's fifth single Depend on You as its opening theme.

Also please realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information, i. If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add please email me! I will, of course, give you full credit for your addition, and be eternally grateful to you. This Guide is now completed! That is, the Walkthrough is finished.

I still have lots of dating still to do, but since that isn't exactly necessary information well My next updates will likely fix any mistakes I've made, and fill in the dating section further.

If you are a webmaster and wish to post this on your web Depend on you thousand arms dating, please email me Depend on you thousand arms dating. And if you do post this FAQ on your site, please make an attempt to keep it up to date.

There is nothing worse than getting emails from people who saw an old version asking about Depend on you thousand arms dating that are already in the newer versions. Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!

You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ. Meis, formerly of the Royal Family 2a. Meis in Training 3a. Mist Valley, Chapter 4: Mysterious Blacksmiths, Jyabil and Schmidt 5. Lucent Cave, Chapter 5: Find the Sacred Altar! The daughter of the pirate, Grapple. Langoud Depend on you thousand arms dating the Broken Sword 7. At Sea, Chapter 6: The disciple of the dark 7a. The deserted plains and the weird gadget master 9. The scheme of the Dark Sword 9a.

The Cloud Manta Kyleen, and the evil within Sharan 10a. The Liberation of the Mounthand 10b. The Rockbit Coal Mine Nelsha, and the Ancient Library of Myscatonia 11b. Death Crimson, Chapter Unraveling the Secrets of the Primordial Flame The sorrow of the Dark!

Dark Master's last battle 13a. Find the Emperor Star Plateau, Chapter Fight the Shadow of the master! The Moon, Chapter The Primordial Flame extinguished? Online Resources Credits Shameless Self-Promotion Version History Stinger i. Introduction Tradguld, the land of locomotives and peaceful countryside Langoud, the seafaring beach-city Sharan, the floating center of commerce Myscatonia, the land of mystery and wonder And Dianova, the dark empire bent on taking over the world This is the story of Meis Triumph and his journey to save the people from the Dianovan Empire's reign of terror and oppression.

Having been raised within a circle of Spirit Blacksmiths, Meis was enjoying his life in Kant, a nature-filled town in Tradguld Dianova's conquest reached the town of Kant, and the people were forced to evacuate their once peaceful land. Separated from his family, Meis reaches the town of Boyzby and meets Sodina. From here, the story unfolds With a very strong Anime styling, Thousand Arms is a visually impressive game, with wonderful pre-rendered backgrounds, and colorful detailed Anime Sprites for your characters.

But perhaps the most unique thing of all is the Dating System which is an integral part of the game. You have to date to increase your overall power in the game, to find new spells, and to gain new power-ups. In addition to that, Thousand Arms makes extensive use of both Anime Cutscenes which are cleverly well done for not being FMV's and Depend on you thousand arms dating quite extensive use of Voice Acting 12 hours worth!

Characters Meis Triumph Main Character Age: Kant, a town in the countryside of Tradguld Personality: Meis is the horniest male character I've ever seen in any RPG ever. He flirts with every girl he comes across, and I really mean every girl! Boyzby, a town to the south of Kant Personality: Sodina really likes Meis, but has a strange way of showing it, by being mean and jealous.

You meet Sodina when you first arrive in Boyzby as she is being attacked by bandits, Meis bravely rushes to defend her. Sodina is loyal, and for some reason, likes Meis a lot. Schutzren, home of fearless warriors Personality: The complete opposite of Meis, Muza is shy towards the ladies. Muza dreams of becoming a hero, but is painfully shy around any females. Muza joins up with you just after the Lucent Cave. Langoud, the pirate's floating city Personality: Strong and outgoing, Wyna is the opposite of Sodina.

She wants to live life how she sees fit, not how her father sees fit. Wyna will join up with you in Langoud. Wano, the destroyed land of the Orient Personality: Although just as randy a man as Meis, Soushi manages to come off a little more sincere.

Possibly because he looks so feminine. Soushi will join up with you after you break him free of the Dark Sword Depend on you thousand arms dating Wano. Sharan, the floating city Personality: Although she is bitter, cold, and untrusting when she first meets up with Meis, she warms up a little after a bit of time.

Her family used to rule Sharan until they were ousted and killed. She lived in the undercity after that, which may explain her curt attitude.

Kyleen will join up with you in Sharan. Appears to be 12 is really MUCH older! Myscatonia, the Ancient City Personality: Timid and strange tends to talk about herself Depend on you thousand arms dating the Third PersonNelsha wants to become the Dress Master. When she changes her clothes, she literally becomes someone different. Nelsha joins you when you finish the Ghost Town of Zozotto. So if they hit whoever is wearing Depend on you thousand arms dating for 20 dmg, that person actually loses 40 HP.

However, if your defense is high enough, and the enemy you are fighting isn't as powerful as your high defense, it will do 0 dmg. Elemental -- Strikes enemies with Scarlet ray -- Star Plateau Sodine -- Light Elemental -- Elemental Goddess of light -- Moon v. General Strategies The Map is your Friend! This is really necessary because the camera angle is always moving around, and it can get really Depend on you thousand arms dating to get disoriented.

Not only is this an important survival tip, but if Depend on you thousand arms dating save before a big date, you can go back to the date and try out some other lines.

Could be useful for finding new special moves You can save in Hotels as well as outside. The Fine Art of Walking: For example when you want to talk to people, but have a hard time lining it up to talk to them.

Well you should WALK in those situations. These can be "fortified" at any Sacred Altar that you have found. Simply go to the Altar, and press X at it. Then select the weapon you wish to fortify and leave it there for a long time. When you come back it will be greatly changed assuming that you gave it enough Depend on you thousand arms dating. The weapons start out their fortifying experience as pitch black, but as time progresses, they will lose that and begin to look like normal weapons.


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About ME: I can cook. So drop me a line. Fitness and health is important to me. I have always been someone who enjoys helping and taking care of people, especially the people i love. I am a very sexual lady, love to tease and please.

The single reached number nine on the weekly Oricon chart, becoming her third consecutive top-ten single in Japan. The single contains a b-side, "Two of Us," which was never released on an album. This single was re-released on February 28, , featuring five new tracks. The single was re-released for the fact that it was initially released in only in the 3" CD format, which by this time had been replaced by the new standard "maxi" CD format.

In this case, the single was re-released in for a wider compatibility. Depend on You was also remixed and released in Mirrorcle World for her 10th anniversary of chart-topping singles.

The music video for "Depend on you" was directed by Muto Masashi. It depicts Hamasaki singing while on a "journey" of sorts — a road is shown, and she sings at various natural locales, including a mountain and a pond. In , "Depend on You" was also released in Europe as a trance single.

The CD single was only released in Germany but the digital single was released worldwide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Just a drunken kiss? For Thousand Arms on the PlayStation, Forging/Dating FAQ by DSimpson. If you are going to email me about this game, please put Thousand Arms as the .. Note: There is a pattern that depends on which person won last. Thousand Arms The Complete Strategy Guide & Walkthrough Version . You have to date to increase your overall power in the game, to find new .. This depends entirely on him not actually putting YOU to sleep, however..

The game mixes elements of Japanese role-playing video games and dating sim video games. The game takes place on a " steampunk " type of world. The Dark Acolytes, a mysterious organization of cyborgs and robots , is trying to find the five legendary Sacred Flames, and bring chaos to the World in the process.

Meis, a womanizing "Spirit Blacksmith" with the ability to make magical weapons, finds himself chosen to find the flames before the Dark Acolytes do. However, to increase the power of his weapons, Meis must have the help of a woman, and must increase his 'intimacy level' with her by going out on dates. Along his journey, he meets a colorful cast of characters, including girls to date and allies to join his party.

The game's main antagonist is Medeus , The Dark Emperor.

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Thousand Arms The Complete Strategy Guide & Walkthrough Version . You have to date to increase your overall power in the game, to find new .. This depends entirely on him not actually putting YOU to sleep, however. Depend on You, Opening Song, Thousand Arms, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics, lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,video game music,game music . Game Name: Thousand Arms. md5sum: 1dffcc0c0bf78dcade16aecd.

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