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Baro and Kim Yoo Jung deny dating rumors ~ Netizen Buzz

When it comes time for B1A4 Baro's interview, the reporter says, of Kim Yoo Jung and Baro at a soccer match and the ensuing dating Watch Baro and Kim Yoo Jung's (and Kim Hee Sun and Ji Soo's) Lee Jong Suk's Agency Confirms His Detainment After Fan Meeting In Jakarta Due To Issues With. [+, ] Baro may look young and cute for his age but he's actually quite older ㅋㅋ Yoo Jung's just barely a high schooler. Obviously they're. B1A4's Baro and actress Kim Yoo Jung were spotted sitting together at a at a soccer game, giving rise to rumors that the two young stars are dating. Kim Yoo Jung's agency also gave a statement on the matter, saying, "We.

Baro and Kim Yoo Jung spotted watching soccer together 'what's going on' Source: Star Today via Nate 1. Or a freshman in high school now?

TV Daily via Nate 1. It clearly looks like they just met up to watch a game together. I doubt they'd date so publicly if they were really dating. OSEN via Naver 1. Yoo Jung is clearly just a close little sister to him.

Let's just get that straight. Latest episode of Angry Mom made me sob Yeahh no way they're dating if they're being THAT open about it, no face masks nothing. But maybe it's a new trick? It's honestly disgusting that you would compare a friendship between two co-stars to Tyga and Kylie's relationship.

I cried way too much the whole movement was so unexpected. It was like Baro and kim yoo jung dating service don't leave then suddenly bam building down people Baro and kim yoo jung dating service. It reminded me of them because of the Knetz comments, not them.

Angry mom started off good but now its turning too makjang for my taste. Baro is 22 real math age. It's just the Korean system that makes it Yea, she's much to young, and they were hanging out together openly. It's not like they were hiding out anything lol.

Ignoring the huge age gap 7 years is a lot at that agethey wouldn't be stupid enough to show up at such a public event if they were anything going on between them.

Wasn't that how Sulli and Choiza started Baro and kim yoo jung dating service she was a minor. Cant believe he sit there waiting for the ceiling to fall on him while i was yelling idiot wtf moveee lol and omg that tragic accident feminds me of Sewol. Tyga been creeping with Kylie since Baro and kim yoo jung dating service was 16 and he in his mid twenties now with a kid.

Ikr, hope the drama has a satisfying ending, cant believe last week is the last week! I guess she's too young to date right now but when she's 18,he would be Nothing wrong with it really, at least imo. A guy and a girl can't be friends, that's why.

How would they even have a dating rumor when she's still in high school? Even if they were to date, why would they show up at a soccer game like that?

Must have been awkward for them to even have people think they're together. Girl,learn how to read before you reply to people. Did you miss the part where I said she was too young to date someone older at 15,but their age age gap isn't big at all. Practicing your reading skills would do you more good than staying on the internet.

Also, it's a Baro and kim yoo jung dating service time since I saw Seo Shin Ae! She was such a cutie in Thank You. Korea calculates ages differently than other countries.

So that comment is correct, she's 17 and he'll be Pedophiles generally like them younger than 11, not some teenager who is almost out of high school. I don't know about the law there, but isn't 16 the sexual majority? Good Lord, if I was ever an idol, I would be accused of dating a guy almost everyday.

Sad that people of the opposite sex can't hang out without perverts and crazy fans spreading ill rumours. I don't get it. She should be in HS and yet here she is with a man who already has a child. And wat grinds me is that she want to be beefing with the baby mama like child sit ur ass down.

Like Baro and kim yoo jung dating service really the life u want? I refuse to believe that xD If that happens I'll just dropped it. Would it still be considered a crime? Eh, 16 is the legal age in many countries. Baro and kim yoo jung dating service think once she hits 16 it'll be okay. It's only weird because Baro is 7 years older than her.

Well Suzy and Lee Minho are also 7 years apart too. It's just that yoojung is still a minor so that's why it's an issue and baro's an adult. And since they're working all the time, they don't have time to hang out with people their own age. In addition to that, the older idols usually have more recognition and fame, thus there's a power play going on to convince younger idols to be part of that relationship.

Usually I'm fine with big age gap relationships I mean I don't like the victim card but it probably would be more shocking if she came out much better considering.

She still has time though so let's hope for an upward climb from here. Cuz tyga in all honesty has nothing to offer her and it's probably a phase cuz people think poorly Baro and kim yoo jung dating service the relationship so that makes it more desirable for her. Now that she has him It's not really makjang. The thing that happens not trying to spoil is actually set up for several episodes so when it does it's not like it happened out of nowhere.

The most makjang thing Baro and kim yoo jung dating service it is that no one freaking locks their doors despite being super rich. She is so pretty. I always thought she was but she looks especially pretty in these pictures. South Korean's always talk about minor this and minor that but their Age of Consent is I'd expect they just decided to be friends, it'd make sense since they're in the same drama.

Not to mention they had nothing that disguises them masks,hats,sunglasses,etc Disgusting or not that's what I thought as well!!! She used to look like this: I cried a lot in this ep!! Nah, in California where Kylie lives the age of consent is 18 So it's statutory rape if she and Tyga sleep together.

The technical term is Ephebophilia. And it depends on the situation. A 28 year old and a 35 year old have a 7 year age different but both are adults in similar phases of life Mots likely independent, working, mature enough to make their own decisions Now a 25 year old and a 17 year old is a completely different.

One is an adult, the other is still a teenager most likely in high school. They are in completely different phases of life and maturity and there is a huge power imbalance there. Kudos for her for her lips staying within the realm of possibility, though.

I alwasy forget how young Kim Yoojung is. I've seen her in so many dramas already. And now she is acting with Baro in Angry Mom. I guess you could say B1A4 became Baro and kim yoo jung dating service friends with her over the years. They probably consider her as a little sister since they have siblings around her age.

If you watch the video, they just sit there eating snacks and watching the game lol xD People are so fast to assume things. Why can't friends hang out and watch a match together? Of course, Baro went along. And now this, she is young, let her have a normal life to hang out with friends, be it male Baro and kim yoo jung dating service female.

And surely not in California were they live because Tyga was on a radio show and the host told him that in NY the right age was 17 and Tyga said smt like they'd be okay there then. I guess a guy and girl can't hang out without calling it a date lol xD. I don't know about you but I don't have to like her look or herself to acknowledge she's good at what she's doing.

Her eye makeup is really good, and she's good with lipliner too. Her foundation looks too caked for me, but I think she's good at blending and contouring as well. Mind you, she's At that age I don't think most of us could get a straight line with a liquid liner let alone do the highlighting she does.

She only looks good in her selfies. The paps taken shots of her often posted on ohnotheydidnt show her makeup and lip injections as pretty tragic. She doesn't look this good IRL, which is sad, she's just 17 and she's already trying too be older. I hope their fictional characters at Baro and kim yoo jung dating service become closer in their Kdrama 'Angry Mom'.

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  • The two were almost embroiled to a dating rumor but their According to Baro's agency, Kim Yoo Jung invited the cast of 'Angry Mom' to watch.
  • She belongs to Korean entertainment agency called Sidus HQ. Boyfriend. Kim Yoo jung is not dating anyone right now, and she says she thinks she The photo of Kim Yoo jung and BARO, a one of the member of the Korean. However, it was clarified by Kim Yoo Jung's agency that the two were not dating as they were with Seo Shin Ae and other acquaintances at the.
  • B1A4's Baro and actress Kim Yoo Jung were spotted sitting together at a at a soccer game, giving rise to rumors that the two young stars are dating. Kim Yoo Jung's agency also gave a statement on the matter, saying, "We.
  • Baro and Kim Yoo Jung spotted watching soccer together 'what's going on' Source:
  • Friday, May 01, b1a4, baro, kim yoo jung, seo shin ae comments [+ , ] Yoo Jung is a baby, she wouldn't be dating Baro they probably got close through their drama, . people are becoming so over sensitive in this site lol.


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A dating rumor in b1a4 rapper baro and the actress kim yoo jung has surfaced after the fans sully the two watching a soccer contest. Did kim eun sook asked kim go eun as lead female so that gong yoo might agree to work with how is kim yoo jung in loyal life are gong yoo and kim go eun dating.

Kim yoo jung and baro had good chemistry augmentation scene of dating etc it really will i abide like without kim hee seon fascinating this cast, provoked mom would. Webtoon turn to talking picture, yoo jung c j 0 comments baro drama, dohee chae soo bin drama, eunuch play, hong ra on, kim yoo jung drama, kwak do yeon. Lee yoo-ri set to famed in new mbc eum jy jang ki-yong jin ki-joo jo jung-suk jo woo-ri kim nam-joo lee bo-young lee yoo-jin lee yoo dating. Starring kim nam-gil jae-hyeok,kim joo-hyun yeon-joo,jung his sister-in-law moon jeong-hee and nephew min-jae bae gang-yoo in a small korean town he is dating.

Sebuah rumor pacaran baro associate grup b1a4 dan aktris muda kim yoo jung muncul setelah keduanya tertangkap b1a4 baro b1a4 baro dating baro kim yoo jung drama. Following b1a4's baro clarification round his relationship with actress kim yoo jung once once more, netizens have started to laugh at journalists for continuing to bring up the dating rumor. The massive korean tv hit series moonlight drawn close clouds rocked the airwaves this year main cast reservation bo gum and kim yoo jung ignited such a strong chemistry on screen that fans are dying to know if their reel could time into real survival romance.

Kim yoo jung from dramawiki jump to:

Fans of currently airing MBC drama Angry Mom had a bit of fun waking up Friday morning to news that Kim Yoo Jung may be dating her costar Baro after the two were snapped attending a soccer game. Sadly the excitement about budding young love was splashed with the cold water of reality when both sides immediately shot down the dating rumors and explained they were merely attending a game in a group that included other friends.

Kim Yoo Jung explained that she invited other AM costars to watch the game but only Baro could go, and later they were joined by fellow teen actress Seo Shin Ae. Oh wells, Baro and Kim Yoo Jung would have made a supremely adorable couple. I think everyone is forgetting Yoo Jung is a minor and Baro is like I honestly find that really gross. They would have made a highly disturbing couple, as she is a minor and he an adult.

I am all for age gap romances between consenting adults, but we should all draw the line at pedophilia. Even if South Korea seems to have one messed up age of consent system. A kid, a minor.

She was the youngest of the three siblings, and she came into the spotlight after she won the Most Popular Award in the contest which her older sister had participated. Kim Yoo jung is not dating anyone right now, and she says she thinks she is too young to date anyone.

He told that ,for him, Kim Yoo jung is just one of the close junior fellow of him and nothing more. Also, there were only two people taken in the photo, which were Kim Yoo jung and BARO, but there were actually more than two people at the scene. After Kim Yoo jung had announced to the public that she will not fall in love with someone until she turns into 20 years old in the TV program, she had confessed that she was dating a man only for three hundred days. She had to fall in love with Yeo JinGu as an act, but unfortunately she said that she really did fell in love with him.

She said that it might happen again with some actors when she has to play the role with romantic relationship. Before this interview, when she was asked the same question, she said that her ideal type of man was T.

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Sit back and take it or do something? Gf's ex scenario However, it was clarified by Kim Yoo Jung's agency that the two were not dating as they were with Seo Shin Ae and other acquaintances at the. During the interview, CNU talked a bit about the dating rumors between Baro and actress Kim Yoo Jung. Baro and Kim Yoo Jung were spotted at a soccer game..

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