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DESCRIPTION: Last week the staff at Upton shared their good practice through the medium of speed dating.

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I recently read an interesting blog post by [email protected] which could change the way professional development is delivered by schools. I don't. We are excited to work with @speeddaterva the premier source for speed dating social mixer events tailored for the single professionals in #RVA. _ We created. This Pin was discovered by Joy Kirr. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Last week the staff at Upton shared their good practice through the medium of speed dating. Thanks to the excellent PowerPoint provided by the teacher tool kit http: I use an App called d creature to effectively engage middle to lower achieving boys.

Due to confidence issues I find some students are reluctant to engage in practical tasks such as drawing. By allowing use of the app it is a virtual kiln where students can add pattern and colour etcstudents are dealing with an interface they are familiar with virtuality. The quick and effective results they achieve on the app used as a starter. Speed dating cpd the students the confidence to move from the virtual to the physical process of making and problem solving.

I Speed dating cpd a minimum work list which boys in particular really like and promotes independence. Click this link to download: Minimum Work List The aim is to encourage pupils to become more confident, read the recipes, help each other and problem solve.

I use this with yrs Pupils are given 2 laminated hands at the start of the lesson. The hands can be cashed into the teacher for help during the lesson. However the aim is Speed dating cpd pupils to Speed dating cpd both hands, and work with more confidence, read the recipe and help each other, which results in them earning a merit.

The Speed dating cpd seem to enjoy it and often request the hands now. Students can scan QR codes as soon as they enter the classroom. Students do not need to type in a complicated website address; the codes are very simple to scan. It takes no explaining, so I am able to remain at the door to greet stragglers and monitor behaviour while the students can settle down to work. Click on the link for a copy: Evaluating through a Fantasy Five Aside! For revision after reading a novel, students identify five different characters from their text.

Organise your five characters into relevant positions goalkeeper, defenders, attacking midfielder and centre forward. Choose a team captain and a player manager. Explain your choices, comparing and contrasting qualities. Create a team name and consider the most influential player.

Use snakes and ladders to encourage competition between middle ability boys when answering questions. My idea involves the use of the app Vine. I use it with KS4 classes specifically when it comes to revision. They can create 7 second summaries of chapters, characters, quotes, etc.

This can also be accessed on the iPad and watched over AppleTV. The words were from the chapter of the novel that we had studied that lesson. The boys were given 5 minutes to unscramble them. The boys became very competitive, desperate to win the task. When we got to No.

Are there 15 words to find in the wordsearch? It really is keeping them on their toes. This also involves summarising the lesson and questioning other Speed dating cpd. This can be effective with middle boys in developing their confidence and leadership skills.

I have used the idea of a human continuum in discussions and debates to gauge shades of opinion in the class, where students use a space or a line to indicate whether they agree, disagree or are neutral about an issue or a pair of choices. It is also a controlled way of allowing a little bit of movement and thus benefits learners who find it hard to sit down for an hour.

I have a ticking time bomb stop clock on Speed dating cpd interactive whiteboard and they record their score, which they must try to improve each time. I use a lot of visual devices, such as maps like the one below. This activity then lends itself to producing writing like survival guides, etc.

Key Word Mind Map Game. Laminated cards with questions on e. I can name the 4 chambers of the heart. Students are given cards at the start of the lesson they have to put them in three piles. Confident, I think I know, I do not have a clue! These are placed on a laminated sheet.

The Speed dating cpd is then completed at the end of the lesson to demonstrate progress made. Students Speed dating cpd be prepared to answer a question if they place on confident. It is called the post it challenge. Each group gets a different colour post it pack.

Pupils can use as many post its as they like but Speed dating cpd is in their group benefit to use fewer post its and have more information. The more informative or obscure information on the post it the better as it is a competition. Nearing the end if the lesson each groups shares a post it and sticks it on the board under their group number. It has a lot of psychology as pupils try to keep their best post its until last but before they run out of time.

If a post it is particularly fantastic the teacher can stick an extra post up on the board to equate to an extra point. The group who wins Speed dating cpd the most post its on the board at the end of the lesson and the winners get chocolate. Classes Speed dating cpd it as it is competitive and on the board you can visually see who is winning.

Plasticine to model the Earth. Different colours for the different layers then. In this way a 3D model is made which can be cut in half or a segment removed so that the inside detail van be viewed. This idea can be extended to making a 3D cell showing the organelles or making a DNA helix with complementary base pairs of different colours. Reinforcing key words and scientific ideas: Draw smiley face or shape with ethanol, show how ethanol ignites without flame touching liquid.

Think, share — good answers rewarded by allowing pupils to choose a shape and light the ethanol. Jones says split worksheets question by question. Then either turn it into a relay race they must answer one question correctly before they can have the next one.

Pair with the most correct answers get rewarded at the end or dot the questions around the room to keep them moving and active. Pupils are split in teams. Each team has a set of cards that you keep on your desk. One Speed dating cpd from each team gets the first question, they answer as a team and bring it back to you to Speed dating cpd. If they get it right they get a point Speed dating cpd the next question if not they try again.

They race to get the most questions answered in the lesson and there is a prize for the winning team. Treasure hunt idea- I hide all the questions around the room and students in pairs go around the class finding the answers.

Students get very competitive and the Middle boys enjoy it. Share the cards between the group. Complete the calculation on your top card then choose the highest value to compete against other students cards.

Speed dating cpd value wins the cards. Winner is the person with the most cards. Click on this link to download: Top Trumps Averages 3levels cartoons. Murder mystery- pupils design a revision sheet based on a murder mystery. See the example below: My idea was to take maths out of Speed dating cpd classroom outside. There is a Speed dating cpd topic called Loci that is all about the paths and position around points and lines.

This gives the opportunity for collaborative learning and is kinaesthetic in nature. I demonstrated Map Draw, free i-pad app. Students can plot their journey to school either on map or satellite image.

The app tells them the distance. They can also measure the time it takes. This data, relevant and real, can be used to make frequency tables of distances travelled to school and speeds.

These can Speed dating cpd used to compare groups who walk, cycle, are driven or come by bus. My idea was to be as practical and make lessons more using hands then writing. Instead of giving them data from experiments they did the experiments themselves by throwing the dice or coins. Once they got the data they had to work out the probability of the events. Maths blockbusters I use a class activity as a plenary.

Am I really being played? Speed Learning – a new form of CPD Following the keynote is the fast-paced “ speed-dating” style sharing that gives this concept its name. We are excited to work with @speeddaterva the premier source for speed dating social mixer events tailored for the single professionals in #RVA. _ We created..


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Speed Learning is a new concept in grass-roots, profession-led CPD, offering practical and high-impact ideas. Inspired and run by a national group of headteachers, Speed Learning is an innovative way of enabling schools to share professional knowledge about current challenges, strategies and practice. The Speed Learning ethos is fast-paced, freely accessible, and unapologetically focused on classroom impact.

As primary head Jane Ratcliffe explained: At Cholsey this was delivered by Russell Prue and gave attendees practical and engaging ideas for bringing innovation to every classroom.

This means that both table-host and participant benefit. At Cholsey, colleagues shared mathematical strategies, with Ladygrove Park Primary sharing early years expertise.

Other table hosts shared ways for teachers to bring interactive resources into the classroom, and free ways to begin to use school radio to extend collaboration and literacy skills. Leadership table hosts talked about strategies for monitoring teacher quality, distributed school leadership, and the outcomes of research showing strategies to raise the attainment of White working class boys.

Nicky Hughes, deputy head at Cholsey, said: It was an intense, but exciting and energising learning experience. The event was extremely fast-paced but highly effective.

Some of the best were actually delivered or shared by colleagues. Te chertoolkit suggests a simple blueprint for sharing best preparation among staff. Each shillelagh member brings an inkling to the meeting which they can explain in 30 seconds. You could even add music and a countdown buzzer allowing for regarding added atmosphere. Staff led development is highly directed used in schools, in my opinion.

Teachers removal from school to prime gathering ideas and training along the way and are then often made to sit and harken to to someone else progression them on the latest teaching strategies. When was the last time you were asked if you already had that cut fine training?

I sat there and thought about how I would have ran the session, had I been asked to.

  • Don't sacrifice them why and wherefore to clothed to opulence you.

  • Is your school professional development drab and dreary? For the past 18 months, I've been championing 'speed-dating' as an alternative. Speed Dating CPD: What better opportunity to get staff together, by using a speed-dating format where teachers can rapidly exchange dialogue.
  • Speed dating takes sharing good practice to a new level | UptonTEEP
  • All the carping parts are set, if a segment dirty.

  • Speed dating CPD! – The Adaptive Teacher

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